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Unearthing the artifacts from the life I’ve led

When Truckers Ruled the Earth

The Dig: Day 3 Artifact: 15 cards of the 44-card Donruss “CB Convoy Code” series Dated: 1977-78 (bread-borne) These sticker cards trigger a convoy of memories. First, though I had totally forgotten that collectible cards once came in loaves of … Continue reading

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“The key is here somewhere…”

The Dig: Day 2 Artifact: A keyring with assorted old keys Dated: Circa 2001-2002 (acquisition) My birth father gave me this batch of keys he had collected from numerous old homes, correctly surmising I’d love them (even if I still … Continue reading

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Disconnect the Dots

The Dig: Day 1 Artifact: An empty Dots box Dated: Circa 1994-1999 As first glance, the preservation of this item raises an eyebrow even for a clutterhound such as myself. First, it’s an empty box of candy. Second, though I’ll … Continue reading

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